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Persephone Grimoire Printable, Greek Goddess Mythology, Witch Book of Shadows Pages, Pagan Deity Work, Hellenism, Queen of the Underworld

Persephone Grimoire Printable, Greek Goddess Mythology, Witch Book of Shadows Pages, Pagan Deity Work, Hellenism, Queen of the Underworld

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These printable grimoire pages are beautifully designed and packed full of information about the powerful & enigmatic Greek Goddess of Spring and the Underworld, Persephone.

These 21 pages contain everything you need to know to start working with Persephone.

21 pages total. Includes:
⭐About Persephone: Discover who she is
⭐Correspondences and Symbols: Uncover Persephone’s symbols and correspondences (animals, astrological, herb, tarot cards, colours & crystals)
⭐Mythology: Discover Persephone’s fascinating mythology
⭐Persephone’s connection to the Ancient Greek Eleusinian Mysteries
⭐Working with Persephone: Discover ways to work with her
⭐Devotion & Offerings: Suggested offerings & ways to show devotion
⭐Persephone’s Altar: How to create an an altar (or shrine) to Persephone
⭐How to Invoke Persephone: Invocation & invocation ritual
⭐Persephone’s Cycle Ritual and Healing and Renewal Spell
⭐Meet Persephone in Meditation
⭐Prayer to Persephone
⭐Tarot Spread: Seek Persephone’s guidance with a 7 card tarot spread

Whether you're a Pagan, Hellenic Pagan, an experienced witch, or a baby witch, "Persephone's Grimoire" will add value to your practice.
Size: A4 (8.3 x 11.7") and US LETTER SIZE (you will receive both clearly labelled)
Format: PDF
Quality: 300dpi high quality, ready to print
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